[Openstack-i18n] Horizon translation importing policy for Havana RC1

Ying Chun Guo guoyingc at cn.ibm.com
Mon Sep 23 06:54:00 UTC 2013

Hi, Akihiro

See my answers below.

Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)

Akihiro Motoki <amotoki at gmail.com> wrote on 2013/09/23 14:37:12:

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> [Openstack-i18n] Horizon translation importing policy for Havana RC1
> Hi all,
> We discussed the criteria of importing Horizon translation for Havana RC1
> and agreed that we will import only 100% translations at the last
> I18N meeting.
> I have several questions to clarify.
> What do you think? I would like to know opinions from I18N team?
> (1) What is 100% translated?
>     Does 100% mean that all **three** resources (Horizon, Horizon
>     OpenStack Dashboard) are completed?

I think, our goal is to translated the web UI.
The log messages are not included.
Completely translating all the strings displayed in the web UI should be
as 100% translation.
If all the three resources will be displayed in web UI, all of them should
be included.

> (2) Do we remove translations not completed (<100%) from Horizon repo?
>     RC1 release is created from the repo. This means that if we don't
>     them non-completed translations will be shipped in RC1.

I prefer to remove.
I'd like to hear others opinion.
Will users use partly translated dashboard?
If users won't use, I think there is no concerns to remove uncompleted

> (3) What should the language list of the user preference form be?
>     I believe the default language list is important.
>     - All 100% translated languages should be listed.
>       Some languages needs to be added.
>     - Non 100% translated languages should be removed or listed?
>       If so what is the criteria? Over 50% on Transifex?

I prefer to list the languages Horizon supports, i.e. those languages whose
po/mo files packaged with Horizon.
But the list should be easily added or customized.
If some people want to provide their own language version after Havana
release, they can easily change the language list,
add their po files and mo files. They don't need to depend on the formal

> I would like to take care of importing translation into Horizon repo
> as a Horizon core member.
> Thanks,
> Akihiro Motoki <amotoki at gmail.com>
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