[devstack][stein][masakari]Using Masakari in multihost devstack stein setup

Patil, Tushar Tushar.Patil at nttdata.com
Mon Apr 29 21:54:52 UTC 2019

Hi Sanjay,

In case of masakari-processmonitor, it only monitors processes as mentioned in the process_list.yaml which by default monitors libvirt-bin, nova-compute, instancemonitor, hostmonitor and sshd processes.

To test process failure, you should terminate any of the above processes.

In case of instancemonitor, you can shutdown the VM to test whether a notification is sent or not.

>> I have asked the same question in openstack forum, but not got a single response.
Sorry, I didn't notice your question on forum. I have replied above comment on forum as well.

Tushar Patil

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Subject: [devstack][stein][masakari]Using Masakari in multihost devstack stein setup

Hi all,
I have been trying to setup Masakari in a 3 node setup - 1 controller + 2 computes with minimal openstack services installed using devstack stable/stein version. All these 3 nodes are Ubuntu 16.04 VMs. I have included Masakari plugin in controller's local.conf file and included masakari-monitor in both compute node's local.conf file. I want to test out VM/process failure in my test environment. To do so, when I kill one of the qemu process created for one instance (cirros 256 flavor VMs) on one of the compute with root user login, I did not see any notification under my horizon/instance-ha section for this (I have already created Segments, Hosts under instance-ha in horizon). Also the killed process is not restarted by Masakari.

I have asked the same question in openstack forum, but not got a single response.


Whether any additional services related to Masakari need to be configured on compute hosts to detect failures since I did not find exactly the documentation related inside devstack for this.

Please let me know if I am missing anything my set up. Any helps and pointers are most appreciated.

thank you for your reply.

best regards
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