[tricircle] Today's Topics (2019-04-24)

zhangchi at szzt.com.cn zhangchi at szzt.com.cn
Wed Apr 24 03:42:23 UTC 2019

Today's topic is:

1.  [tricircle] The bug is now being tracking: Tricircle some unit tests 
can not pass since neutron Stein introduced network_segment_ranges
      https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1821567  pr have been 
2. [tricircle] tricircle unitests is being added aims at Use case 
coverage over 80% (in progress)
3. [tricircle] Make Tricircle work with zuul v3  (planned)
4. [tricircle] deploying containers in tricircle environments  (started 
and writing sepc)
5. [tricircle] finish the pr "ipv6_address_mode" not found in unit test 
6. [tricircle] meeting will move back to IRC (openStack-meeting channel) 
every two weeks since next Wednesday (2019-05-08) UTC 1:00
7. [tricircle] learning the 9th Open Source Cloud Hackathon

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