Announcing Gertty 1.6.0

James E. Blair corvus at
Wed Apr 24 02:58:24 UTC 2019

Announcing Gertty 1.6.0

Gertty is a console-based interface to the Gerrit Code Review system.

Gertty is designed to support a workflow similar to reading network
news or mail.  It syncs information from Gerrit to local storage to
support disconnected operation and easy manipulation of local git
repos.  It is fast and efficient at dealing with large numbers of
changes and projects.

The full README may be found here:

Changes since 1.5.0:

* The default config file location is now
  ~/.config/gertty/gertty.yaml (but Gertty will fall back on the
  previous default of ~/.gertty.yaml if it is not found)

* The source code is now hosted in OpenDev (

* Gertty supports (and should be run with) python3

* Added tab display support

* Reviewkeys are enabled in diffs

* Added a new option (off by default) to close the change after reviewing

* Added inline comments to the change overview screen

* The size column graph is more configurable

* Reviewkeys now support sending a message

* Added more example configurations

As well as several bug fixes and stability improvements.

Thanks to the following people whose changes are included in this

Clint Byrum
Dominique Martinet
Doug Wiegley
Emilien Macchi
Ian Wienand
John L. Villalovos
Logan V
Major Hayden
Masayuki Igawa
Matthias Runge
Natal Ng├ętal
Nate Johnston
Nguyen Hung Phuong
Robert Collins
Tobias Henkel
Tristan Cacqueray

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