[tricircle] Bi-weekly meeting brief note (2019-04-24)

zhangchi at szzt.com.cn zhangchi at szzt.com.cn
Wed Apr 24 07:37:13 UTC 2019

Hi, All,
Here is today bi-weekly meeting brief note. We’ve previously decided to 
move back the Tricircle bi-weekly meeting back to community IRC channel, 
and this week some of tricircle team members facing trouble of 
registering IRC account so that we have to use wechat group for this 
week meeting again. Startling from next week, we will move back the 
meeting to IRC, when all team members having their IRC accounts ready.
Below is a brief note of what we discussed today,
1. [tricircle] This bug is now being tracked: Tricircle some unit tests 
can not pass since neutron Stein introduced network_segment_ranges
https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1821567. PR has been submitted.
2. [tricircle] tricircle unit tests development is in progress, 
targeting to have 80% user case coverage.
3. [tricircle] Integrate Tricircle to work with zuul v3  (this is under 
4. [tricircle] Deploy containers in tricircle environment  (discussion 
started and currently team is working on writing spec)
5. [tricircle] Finish the PR "ipv6_address_mode" not found in unit test 
6. [tricircle] meeting will move back to IRC (openStack-meeting channel) 
every two weeks starting from next Wednesday (2019-05-08) UTC 1:00
7. [tricircle] Haoyang shared 9th Open Source Hackathon summary held in 
Shenzhen last week to catch up latest OpenStack activity in China.

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