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Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Thu May 31 15:36:57 UTC 2018

CERN use these puppet modules too and contributes any missing functionality we need upstream.


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On Wed, May 30, 2018 at 3:18 PM, Remo Mattei <remo at rm.ht<mailto:remo at rm.ht>> wrote:
Hello all,
I have talked to several people about this and I would love to get this finalized once and for all. I have checked the OpenStack puppet modules which are mostly developed by the Red Hat team, as of right now, TripleO is using a combo of Ansible and puppet to deploy but in the next couple of releases, the plan is to move away from the puppet option.

So the OpenStack puppet modules are maintained by others other than Red Hat, however we have been a major contributor since TripleO has relied on them for some time.  That being said, as TripleO has migrated to containers built with Kolla, we've adapted our deployment mechanism to include Ansible and we really only use puppet for configuration generation.  Our goal for TripleO is to eventually be fully containerized which isn't something the puppet modules support today and I'm not sure is on the road map.

So consequently, what will be the plan of TripleO and the puppet modules?

As TripleO moves forward, we may continue to support deployments via puppet modules but the amount of testing that we'll be including upstream will mostly exercise external Ansible integrations (example, ceph-ansible, openshift-ansible, etc) and Kolla containers.  As of Queens, most of the services deployed via TripleO are deployed via containers and not on baremetal via puppet. We no longer support deploying OpenStack services on baremetal via the puppet modules and will likely be removing this support in the code in Stein.  The end goal will likely be moving away from puppet modules within TripleO if we can solve the backwards compatibility and configuration generation via other mechanism.  We will likely recommend leveraging external Ansible role calls rather than including puppet modules and using those to deploy services that are not inherently supported by TripleO.  I can't really give a time frame as we are still working out the details, but it is likely that over the next several cycles we'll see a reduction in the dependence of puppet in TripleO and an increase in leveraging available Ansible roles.

From the Puppet OpenStack standpoint, others are stepping up to continue to ensure the modules are available and I know I'll keep an eye on them for as long as TripleO leverages some of the functionality.  The Puppet OpenStack modules are very stable but I'm not sure without additional community folks stepping up that there will be support for newer functionality being added by the various OpenStack projects.  I'm sure others can chime in here on their usage/plans for the Puppet OpenStack modules.

Hope that helps.



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