[openstack-dev] [gnocchi] regional incoming storage targets

gordon chung gord at live.ca
Wed May 31 18:47:55 UTC 2017

here's a scenario: i'd like aggregates stored centrally like it does 
currently with ceph/swift/s3 drivers but i want to collect data from 
many different regions spanning globe. they can all hit the same 
incoming storage but:
- that will be a hell of a lot of load
- single incoming storage locality might not be optimal for all regions 
causing the write performance to take longer than needed for a 'cache' 
- sending HTTP POST with JSON payload probably more bandwidth than 
binary serialised format gnocchi uses internally.

i'm thinking it'd be good to support ability to have each region store 
data 'locally' to minimise latency and then have regional metricd agents 
aggregate into a central target. this is technically possible right now 
by just declaring regional (write-only?) APIs with same storage target 
and indexer targets but a different incoming target per region. the 
problem i think is how to handle coordination_url. it cannot be the same 
coordination_url since that would cause sack locks to overlap. if 
they're different, then i think there's an issue with having a 
centralised API (in addition to regional APIs). specifically, the 
centralised API cannot 'refresh'.

i'm not entirely sure this is an issue, just thought i'd raise it to 

regardless, thoughts on maybe writing up deployment strategies like 
this? or make everyone who reads this to erase their minds and use this 
for 'consulting' fees :P


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