[openstack-dev] [mogan] Architecture diagrams

Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Wed May 31 20:06:08 UTC 2017

Hi mogan folks,

I was doing some source code examination of mogan and it peaked my 
interest in how it all is connected together. In part I see there is a 
state machine, some taskflow usage, some wsgi usage that looks like 
parts of it are inspired(?) by various other projects.

That got me wondering if there is any decent diagrams or documents that 
explain how it all connects together and I thought I might as well ask 
and see if there are any (50/50 chances? ha).

I am especially interested in the state machine, taskflow and such (no 
tooz seems to be there) and how they are used (if they are, or are going 
to be used); I guess in part because I know the most about those 
libraries/components :)


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