[openstack-dev] JavaScript RoadMap for OpenStack Newton

Michael Krotscheck krotscheck at gmail.com
Thu May 12 16:27:43 UTC 2016

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On 04/21/2016 04:35 PM, Michael Krotscheck wrote:
> > New: Xenial Build Nodes
> >
> > As of two weeks ago, OpenStack’s Infrastructure is running a version of
> > Node.js and npm more recent than what is available on Trusty LTS.

Update: We're now on xenial. Yay LTS!

> > Ultimately, we would like to converge this version on Node4 LTS, the
> > release version maintained by the Node foundation. The easiest way to do
> > this is to simply piggyback on Infra’s impending adoption of Xenial
> > build nodes, though some work is required to ensure this transition goes
> > smoothly.
> While this is a nice intention, I'd like to remind folks that
> historically, all JS and Node stuff have been maintained in Debian. So
> the work to maintain packages are done in Sid. So best would be to make
> sure the toolchain works there, as this is the way to go also for
> getting stuff pushed to Ubuntu (ie: via Debian).

That sounds great, though at this time I do not believe that we're gating
on debian. Has anyone agreed to do the work to include debian nodes in
infra? I know we've got Centos7 and Fedora23 now, adding Debian doesn't
seem like a huge stretch.

With that in mind, does Debian have exemption rules for frequently-updating
packages like Firefox? If so, did Node receive one of these exemptions?
With Node4 LTS now in maintenance, and Node6 LTS officially released,
that'll make it tricky for us to stick with whatever's in Sid.
Non-compatible LTS cycles make for an unhappy infra.

> I'm hereby volunteering to help if we need JS or Node packaging to
> happen. I haven't started yet working on that (like packaging Gulp, see
> later in this message...) but I will, sooner or later.

Woot! Thank you!

> As I understand, the way to package NPM stuff is to use npm2deb. Once
> we have npm packages pushed as NodeJS package, they would later on
> be aggregated by some tools. Fuel uses Gulp and RequireJS to do that.
> I'd be nice if we were standardizing on some tooling, so that downstream
> package maintainers wouldn't have to do the work multiple times. Has
> this discussion already happened?

The discussion has happened for _some_ tools (eslint), however under
OpenStack's governance we can only 'suggest' what people should use, not
enforce it. With that in mind, we've just started the
'js-generator-openstack' project, which will evolve to handle dependency
version maintenance, tooling updates, and new project bootstrapping. I
expect that most of the discussions about "What tools do we use" will
happen there.

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