[openstack-dev] [ci-cd] Jenkinsfile support (or repo/s for them?)

Joshua Harlow harlowja at fastmail.com
Mon Aug 15 23:46:09 UTC 2016

Monty Taylor wrote:
> On 08/15/2016 02:47 PM, Joshua Harlow wrote:
>>> With nodepool and Zuul, there's simply no purpose to Jenkins any more
>>> for me.
>> Fair point, and no disagreement on that effort being good and all;
>> though I can't quite say what companies that do use jenkins (the
>> majority?) are supposed to do here. Running two systems that appear to
>> be (starting to?) do the same things seems like a 'not' worthy effort
>> (even though yes I know there are some fundamental differences in how
>> they work and what they do).
> I don't have any person need for anything Jenkins pipeline or
> Jenkinsfile related. Infra also has neither need nor desire.

That's cool, no haters here, ha.

To each there own :-P

> However, neither I nor Infra have any need for chef cookbooks, yet
> OpenStack hosts a bunch of lovely repositories that are worked on by a
> set of lovely humans who do have a need for them and a desire to work on
> them. You might even come to the conclusion that my personal preferences
> or needs are not the most important thing. I mean, I obviously disagree
> with that conclusion, but I could see how one might make it.
> So while I do not anticipate participating in any way (other than
> occasionally making snarky comments in IRC) - I'm 100% in support of
> fostering collaboration - so if there are humans who would like to
> collaborate on a collection of Jenkinsfiles that have groovy code in
> them and they'd like to do that in the context of OpenStack - neat.
> That said - I will echo a small smidge of what Jay said - it might also
> be neat (and maybe this goes into the same repo/set of repos) to foster
> a place where people can collaborate on Jenkins Job Builder snippets
> too? We already host the development of that tool, which has a vibrant
> developer community, and which I know a ton of folks out there use. I
> have _no_idea_ the intersection/overlap between Jenkinsfile and jjb are
> ... but if there are humans out there who are doing things with
> Jenkinses - maybe they want to do both things?

I'd be ok with either, since my current understanding of jjb is that it 
is somewhat targeted at the 'old-style' jenkins (where jobs trigger 
other jobs and jobs are highly configured via XML/yaml translators) 
while the jenkinsfile (workflow/pipeline) stuff is more targeted around 
'u write all that crap and workflow and triggers in groovy and it 
becomes more like one file per repo', so the use of jjb and job 
templates and job templating and ... if u had well written jenkinsfile 
groovy files may be diminished.

> Monty
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