[openstack-dev] [kollla] Needing volunteers for Geography Coordinators for making use of OSIC cluster

Steven Dake (stdake) stdake at cisco.com
Fri Aug 5 13:52:45 UTC 2016

Hey folks,

The kind folks at OSIC have granted the Kolla team access to 132 nodes of super high powered gear for scale testing Kolla.  The objectives are 3 fold:

  1.  Determine if Kolla can scale to 132 nodes for a variety of test cases - if not fix bugs around those problems
  2.  If scalable to 132 nodes, record benchmark data around our various test scenarios as outlined in the etherpad
  3.  Produce documentation in our repository at conclusion of OSIC scale testing indicating the results we found

The geography coordinators are responsible for coordinating various testing going on within their respective geography to coordinate the activities taking place on the loaned OSIC gear so we can "follow-the-sun" and make the most use of the gear while we have it.  The geo coordinators are also responsible for ensuring all bugs related to problems found during osic scale testing are tagged with "osic" in launchpad.

We need a geo coordinator for APAC, EMEA, and US.  First individual to respond on list gets the job (per geo - need 3 volunteers)

We have the gear for 4 weeks.  We are making use of the first 3 weeks to do scale testing of existing Kolla and the last week to test / validate / debug Sean's bifrost automated bare metal deployment work at scale.

The current state is the hardware is undergoing manual bare metal deployment at present - closing in on this task being completed hopefully by end of day (Friday Aug 5th, 2016).

For more information, please reference the Etherpad here:

TIA to volunteers.

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