[openstack-dev] [neutron][taas] service show omits the network id

Simhon Doctori שמחון דוקטורי simhond at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 11:46:24 UTC 2016


Although the network id is essential argument when creating the service, it
is not shown when doing show for the service. Either using cli or rest-api.

*{  "tap_services": [    {      "tenant_id":
"619ce6d9192c494fbf3dd7947ef78f9f",      "port_id":
"2250affe-6a38-4678-b4ab-969c36cc6f12",      "description": "",
"name": "tapServicePort",      "id":
"5afd1d73-0d8c-4931-bc6c-c8388ba6508f"    }  ]}*

*neutron) tap-service-show
Field       | Value
|+-------------+--------------------------------------+| description
|                                      || id          |
5afd1d73-0d8c-4931-bc6c-c8388ba6508f || name        |
tapServicePort                       || port_id     |
2250affe-6a38-4678-b4ab-969c36cc6f12 || tenant_id   |

Is this in purpose or a bug ?

Simhon Doctori
imVision Technologies.
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