[openstack-dev] [neutron][taas] service show omits the network id

Anil Rao anil.rao at gigamon.com
Wed Apr 13 22:33:03 UTC 2016

Hi Simhon,

We are in the process of removing the network-id argument from the tap-service-create API. There is a patch that has been submitted with this change and it is currently under review. We expect it to be merged very soon.


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Subject: [openstack-dev] [neutron][taas] service show omits the network id

Although the network id is essential argument when creating the service, it is not shown when doing show for the service. Either using cli or rest-api.

  "tap_services": [
      "tenant_id": "619ce6d9192c494fbf3dd7947ef78f9f",
      "port_id": "2250affe-6a38-4678-b4ab-969c36cc6f12",
      "description": "",
      "name": "tapServicePort",
      "id": "5afd1d73-0d8c-4931-bc6c-c8388ba6508f"

neutron) tap-service-show 5afd1d73-0d8c-4931-bc6c-c8388ba6508f
| Field       | Value                                |
| description |                                      |
| id          | 5afd1d73-0d8c-4931-bc6c-c8388ba6508f |
| name        | tapServicePort                       |
| port_id     | 2250affe-6a38-4678-b4ab-969c36cc6f12 |
| tenant_id   | 619ce6d9192c494fbf3dd7947ef78f9f     |

Is this in purpose or a bug ?
Simhon Doctori
imVision Technologies.

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