[openstack-dev] [all] [stable] No longer doing stable point releases

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Sun Jun 7 22:55:51 UTC 2015

On 6 June 2015 at 08:53, Joshua Harlow <harlowja at outlook.com> wrote:
> Hopefully it's somewhat obvious to folks that altering the PBR version
> schema (yet again), breaks *all the people* from using it in a reliable
> manner, and if the goal of PBR is to bring reasonableness, well changing it
> in a way that breaks things seems like the-anti-pattern of PBR.
> I know from building with anvil and building RPMs that we only used tags in
> https://github.com/stackforge/anvil/tree/master/conf/origins because the PBR
> version number would change format/style/other (and also partially because
> nothing existed that converted to a *sane* rpm version string, although this
> supposedly exists now via a new PBR function).

Well is has the thing you collaborated on. Whether thats sane, an RPM
person needs to say :)


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