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John Dickinson me at not.mn
Thu Dec 3 00:07:59 UTC 2015

Sometimes there's stuff you want to change in a project, but it's not really a bug, and it's not really something big either. Adding it to the bug tracker doesn't quite seem right, and it seems like needless paperwork to make a blueprint or spec for it. So how do we track these things so we don't forget?

tl;dr For small improvements or features you'd like to add in Swift, file a bug and set it to "wishlist". If it's a good idea, we'll set it to "confirmed". If it's not a good idea, we'll set it to "won't fix".

Historically, we've tried a few things. Most recently, we had a wiki page with "ideas" for stuff that might be nice to add to Swift. It works ok, but it's not something that people remember to look at, and it's especially hard for new contributors to find.

Within Swift, we've agreed to try something new (at least for us). If you've got something small you'd like to see done in Swift or python-swiftclient, file it as a "wishlist" bug. This let's other people find it, let's other people comment on it, and let's other people--people potentially interested in implementing it--find it.

Using Launchpad's bug tracker has a few advantages over some other options:
 * it has comments so people can discuss it
 * it alerts people when status changes
 * it's searchable and filterable
 * it's part of the existing normal workflow

As wishlist bugs get filed, we (the rest of the Swift community) will set them to "confirmed" if we think it's a good idea that should be done. And if it's something we chose not to have in Swift, we'll set the status to "Won't Fix".

So if you're interested in finding something small to work on in Swift, check out the "wishlist" bugs! It's a great place to start for contributing to the project.



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