[openstack-dev] [release] preparing your mitaka-1 milestone tag

Zane Bitter zbitter at redhat.com
Thu Dec 3 00:17:25 UTC 2015

On 27/11/15 09:32, Doug Hellmann wrote:
> Next week (Dec 1-3) is the Mitaka 1 milestone deadline. Release
> liaisons for all managed projects using the cycle-with-milestones
> release model will need to propose tags for their repositories by
> Thursday. Tag requests submitted after Dec 3 will be rejected.
> As a one-time change, we are also going to simplify how we specify
> the versions for projects by moving to only using tags, and removing
> the version entry from setup.cfg. As with most of the other changes
> we are making this cycle, switching to only using tags for versioning
> will simplify some of the automation and release management processes.
> Because of the way pbr calculates development version numbers, we
> need to be careful to tag the new milestone before removing the
> version entry to avoid having our versions decrease on master (for
> example, from something in the 12.0.0 series to something in the
> 11.0.0 series), which would disrupt users deploying from trunk
> automatically.
> Here are the steps we need to follow, for each project to tag the
> milestone and safely remove the version entry:
> 1. Complete the reno integration so that release notes are building
>     correctly, and add any release notes for work done up to this
>     point.  Changes to project-config should be submitted and changes
>     to add reno to each repository should be landed.
> 2. Prepare a patch to the deliverable file in the openstack/releases
>     repository adding a *beta 1* tag for the upcoming release,
>     selecting an appropriate SHA close to the tip of the master
>     branch.
>     For example, a project with version number 8.0.0 in setup.cfg
>     right now should propose a tag for this milestone.
>     The SHA should refer to a patch merged *after* all commits
>     containing release notes intended for the milestone to ensure the
>     notes are picked up in the right version.
> 3. Prepare a patch to the project repository removing the version
>     line from setup.cfg.
>     Set the patch to depend on the release patch from step 1, and

I believe this should say the milestone tag request in 
openstack/releases from step 2?

>     use the topic "remove-version-from-setup".
> 4. Add a comment to the milestone tag request linking to the
>     review from step 3.
> We will wait to tag the milestone for a project until the reno
> integration is complete and until the tag request includes a link
> to a patch removing the version entry. Again, late submissions will
> be rejected.
> After your milestone is tagged, the patches to remove the version
> entry from setup.cfg should be given high priority for reviews and
> merged as quickly as possible.
> Projects following the cycle-with-intermediary release model will need
> to complete these steps around the time of their next release, but if
> there is no release planned for the milestone week the work can wait.
> As always, let me know if you have questions.
> Doug
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