[openstack-dev] [taskflow][glance][debian] Issue with ordereddict

Joshua Harlow harlowja at outlook.com
Mon Apr 20 15:56:38 UTC 2015

It should be fine to remove it on 2.7+

The team can't yet remove it from its requirements.txt until we drop 2.6 
support (which should happen soon(ish) afaik), but the way that import 
is used is that it always tries to import the one from collections 
before falling back to the one from the library.

For example:


So on 2.7 and newer u should be able to just remove that requirement 
(via a patch or other) and all will be merry (and once we can drop 2.6 
support this will also go away).

stuart.mclaren at hp.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Debian are hitting this issue
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/glance/+bug/1445827.
> Currently glance and glance_store include ordereddict in their
> requirements.txt. Since Glance no longer gates on py26 I think it should
> be ok to remove that requirement from glance and glance_store
> (both repos have stable branches) which should partially fix the issue.
> taskflow also seems to have this dependency:
> $ cat ./.tox/py27/lib/python2.7/site-packages/taskflow-0.7.1.dist-info/
> METADATA|grep order
> Requires-Dist: ordereddict
> but, unlike glance, it still gates on py26. As I understand it, removing
> this from taskflow's requirements would cause its py26 gate job to
> start failing.
> I'm interested in suggestions from the taskflow folks on what the best
> thing to do here is.
> Thanks,
> -Stuart
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