[openstack-dev] Medium Availability VMs

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Thu Sep 19 21:02:57 UTC 2013


Discussing with various people in the community, there seems to be interest in a way to


-          Identify when a hypervisor is being drained or is down and inventory its VMs

-          Find the best practise way of restarting that VM for hypervisors still available

o   Live migration

o   Cold migration

-          Defining policies for the remaining cases

o   Restart from base image

o   Suspend

o   Delete


This touches multiple components from Nova/Cinder/Quantum (at minimum).


It also touches some cloud architecture questions if OpenStack can start to move into the low hanging fruit parts of service


I'd like to have some form of summit discussion in Hong Kong around these topics but it is not clear where it fits.


Are there others who feel similarly ? How can we fit it in ?




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