[openstack-dev] [nova][powervm] my notes from the meeting on powervm CI

Matt Riedemann mriedem at us.ibm.com
Thu Oct 10 21:55:51 UTC 2013

Based on the discussion with Russell and Dan Smith in the nova meeting 
today, here are some of my notes from the meeting that can continue the 
discussion.  These are all pretty rough at the moment so please bear with 
me, this is more to just get the ball rolling on ideas.

Notes on powervm CI:

1. What OS to run on?  Fedora 19, RHEL 6.4?
        - Either of those is probably fine, we use RHEL 6.4 right now 
2. Deployment - RDO? SmokeStack? Devstack?
        - SmokeStack is preferable since it packages rpms which is what 
we're using internally.
3. Backing database - mysql or DB2 10.5?
        - Prefer DB2 since that's what we want to support in Icehouse and 
it's what we use internally, but there are differences in how long it 
takes to create a database with DB2 versus MySQL so when you multiply that 
times 7 databases (keystone, cinder, glance, nova, heat, neutron, 
ceilometer) it's going to add up unless we can figure out a better way to 
do it (single database with multiple schemas?).  Internally we use a 
pre-created image with the DB2 databases already created, we just run the 
migrate scripts against them so we don't have to wait for the create times 
every run - would that fly in community?
4. What is the max amount of time for us to report test results?  Dan 
didn't seem to think 48 hours would fly. :)
5. What are the minimum tests that need to run (excluding APIs that the 
powervm driver doesn't currently support)?
        - smoke/gate/negative/whitebox/scenario/cli?  Right now we have 
1152 tempest tests running, those are only within api/scenario/cli and we 
don't run everything.
6. Network service? We're running with openvswitch 1.10 today so we 
probably want to continue with that if possible.
7. Cinder backend? We're running with the storwize driver but we do we do 
about the remote v7000?

Again, just getting some thoughts out there to help us figure out our 
goals for this, especially around 4 and 5.


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