[openstack-dev] [Nova] Hypervisor CI requirement and deprecation plan

Dan Smith dms at danplanet.com
Tue Nov 26 20:56:09 UTC 2013

> My overall concern, and I think the other guys doing this for virt
> drivers will agree, is trying to scope down the exposure to unrelated
> failures.

But, if it's not related to your driver, then it also failed in the
upstream gate, right? If it didn't fail the upstream gate, then it is
some weird interaction. Of course, for spurious failures, you'll still
have the case where you recheck something and it passes the next time,
but that's exactly what we have today. I don't see a new CI job for a
given driver being a "monstrous" amount of work above and beyond what we
have to do today to triage the issues. Of course, driver CI is not a
single-time task that you never have to babysit...

I think that running as close as possible to the upstream gate is
crucial for us to gain the level of comfort we have with the stuff that
is actually tested upstream. If you pass more often because you don't
include any of the tests you don't strictly have to run, and don't have
a set of folks ready to triage failures, then you don't have quality
parity with the other stuff. That's kinda the whole point of us doing
this, no?


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