[openstack-dev] Is Havana keystone rpm actually splitting identity and assignment?

Abhishek Lahiri aviostack at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 16:13:38 UTC 2013

> I have installed openstack-keystone-2013.2-0.11.b3.el6.noarch rpm and I added a active directory user "test123" with role admin and tenant admin successfully. In Keystone.conf identity is pointed to ldap and assignment  is pointed to SQL. I sourced keystonerc file with the correct credentials for user test123 and then trying to run a keystone commands.
> However when I run keystone get-token if gives me the following error:
> Authorization Failed: An unexpected error prevented the server from fulfilling your request. {'info': '000020D6: SvcErr: DSID-031007DB, problem 5012 (DIR_ERROR), data 0\n', 'desc': 'Operations error'} (HTTP 500)
> I am not sure why keystone is still looking at the Active Directory for authorization? 

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