[openstack-dev] [Ceilometer] meaning of resource_id in a meter

Gordon Chung chungg at ca.ibm.com
Thu Nov 21 19:37:08 UTC 2013

> In all cases, these are free string fields. `user_id' and `project_id'
> map to Keystone _most of the time_,

i'm sort of torn between the two -- which is why i brought it up i guess. 
i like the flexibility of having resource as a free string field but the 
difference between resource and project/user fields is that we can query 
directly on Resources. when we get a Resource, we get a list of associated 
Meters and if we don't set resource_id in a consistent manner, i worry we 
may be losing some relational information between Meters that groupings 
based off consistent resource_id can provide.

gordon chung

openstack, ibm software standards
email: chungg [at] ca.ibm.com
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