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Lana Brindley openstack at lanabrindley.com
Wed Nov 20 23:02:50 UTC 2013

Thanks Nermina, I'll definitely be in contact!


On 21/11/13 08:47, Nermina Miller wrote:
> Dear Lana, please let me know if you need any information or help with
> the Cloud Admin Guide. I participated in the original restructure. Thank
> you for all of your efforts. - Nermina
> On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 3:54 PM, Anne Gentle <anne at openstack.org
> <mailto:anne at openstack.org>> wrote:
>     1. In review and merged this past week:
>     Wow, I see about 30 fixes backported to the Havana install guides in
>     the last week, great work Andreas! I appreciate the focus on the
>     install guides since the Summit, thank you.
>     2. High priority doc work:
>     I'm very excited to have Lana offer to do a proposal for
>     config-reference and cloud admin guide information architecture. I
>     think that the restructure and added guides show great promise from
>     the Havana release and I hope Icehouse is a polishing release.
>     3. Doc work going on that I know of:
>     We're going to hold a doc bug day by the end of the year, please
>     choose days that work well for you at
>     http://doodle.com/__vcycq4mknv6wdrnx
>     <http://doodle.com/vcycq4mknv6wdrnx>. You can also triage and fix
>     bugs before a designated day, of course. There're still quite a few
>     install doc bugs, and some are duplicates. Do take a moment even
>     before the doc bug day to triage or confirm a few doc bugs.
>     We are moving forward with a large move of content during the
>     Icehouse release -- all <project>-api repos will be removed after
>     the content finds a new home under <project>/doc/source. The goal is
>     to enable devs to write API docs to help devs describe changes to
>     the API. Then in the openstack/api-site we will house all end-user
>     API docs. Please help your neighborhood doc patcher with reviews on
>     those patches. Any questions about this please do ask. You can also
>     see the blueprint at
>     https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Blueprint-os-api-docs. Diane is
>     working on a document to precisely describe "what goes where" for
>     the API docs we all know and love.
>     There are a lot of incoming questions for "where did neutron admin
>     docs go?" and references to the /trunk/ version of the Networking
>     Admin Guide. This week that version will be redirected and removed,
>     please patch the OpenStack Cloud Administrator Guide with networking
>     information.
>     4. New incoming doc requests:
>     Our team would like to finalize on Project Doc Leads as described at
>     https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Documentation/ProjectDocLeads. If
>     you haven't already put yourself forward, please update this page
>     with your interest.
>     For some reason I had to "fix" the Lulu link for the OpenStack
>     Security Guide at http://docs.openstack.org/sec/ -- thanks to Bryan
>     Payne for reporting. It's all fixed up now.
>     5. Doc tools updates:
>     David Cramer tells me he'll cut one more release of the
>     clouddocs-tools maven plugin then it'll be put into Gerrit workflow
>     in the OpenStack organization. Thanks to David and Zaro for the hard
>     work here over many months. I'd encourage Stackers to see how they
>     can get involved in collaborating on our doc build tool once it's in
>     our OpenStack systems.
>     Some reps from infra and myself will meet with O'Reilly technical
>     folks on Monday to finalize the workflow for the operations-guide
>     repository. Once we have it fleshed out I'll communicate it to the
>     openstack-docs list.
>     6. Other doc news:
>     I wrote up a post about "Who Wrote Havana Docs?" despite my aversion
>     to stats at
>     http://justwriteclick.com/2013/11/18/who-wrote-openstack-havana-docs/ which
>     definitely shows how far we have come. With some Project Doc Leads
>     and blueprints in place I'm certain we'll keep moving forward in
>     Icehouse for more doc contributors and doc improvements.
>     We're now holding meetings for both sides of the earth.
>     Earth-dwellers, please attend one of these Tuesday meetings as you
>     prefer according to your favorite sleep schedule.
>     1st Tuesday, 03:00:00 UTC
>     2nd Tuesday, 14:00:00 UTC
>     3rd Tuesday, 03:00:00 UTC
>     4th Tuesday, 14:00:00 UTC
>     We'll follow the agenda posted at
>     https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/DocTeamMeeting.
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> Thank you!
> Nermina Miller
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