[openstack-dev] RFC: reverse the default Gerrit sort order

Steven Hardy shardy at redhat.com
Thu Nov 14 14:27:53 UTC 2013

On Thu, Nov 07, 2013 at 12:36:49PM +1300, Robert Collins wrote:
> I've been thinking about review queues recently (since here at the
> summit everyone is talking about reviews! :)).
> One thing that struck me today was that Gerrit makes it easier to
> review the newest changes first, rather than the changes that have
> been in the queue longest, or the changes that started going through
> the review process first.
> So... is it possible to change the default sort order for Gerrit? How
> hard is it to do - could we do an experiment on that and see if it
> nudges the dial for reviewstats (just make the change, not ask anyone
> to change their behaviour)?

+1 to this idea - currently I think it's far to easy for reviews to drop
off the reviewer radar unreviewed, which is ultimately a fantastic way to
discourage contributors (particularly new ones who don't know who to hound
on IRC..)

I'd like something which sorts in this order:
- New revisions of a patch I've previously reviewed, or patches I've
  reviewed and -1'd where the reviewer has left a new comment
- Oldest remaining patches which don't already have negative feedback
- Everything else, sorted by most recently modified

I agree that having my recently closed reviews on the top-level dashboard
is not really very valuable - I'd rather that space was occupied by reviews
which need my attention.

Posting reviews and having them ignored for weeks is a really bad outcome
for both the submitter and project IMO, so I'd love to figure out a way to
avoid it happening on a regular basis.


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