[openstack-dev] [Swift] container-sync problems in global data sync senario

kajinamit at nttdata.co.jp kajinamit at nttdata.co.jp
Tue Aug 6 12:41:35 UTC 2013


I’m interested in container-sync to take a snapshot of swift.

I want to sync data between two swift clusters distributed in multiple locations.
It is assumed that there are two swift clusters located in two places,
and the container-sync syncs data from one cluster to the other cluster through WAN.

I tried container-sync with Folsom in this case, and faced one problem with this scenario.
Container-sync always sends multiple PUT request with whole object transfer,
which puts pressure on network bandwidth between swift clusters.

I checked Grizzly and latest 1.9.0, but I cannot find any progress with the issues.
Does anyone experiences similar issues or tackled to improve performance?

IMHO, it may be fixed with a little changes to the container-sync.
If it can be, I'd like to try it. :-)

Does anybody have any idea or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Takashi Kajinami
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