[openstack-dev] Adding extra_specs to flavor show and detail call

Aditi Raveesh aditirav at thoughtworks.com
Tue Aug 6 12:01:33 UTC 2013


We are working on a
which adds extra specs to the flavor show and detail calls.
As a part of this, we have added a new extension called
FlavorWithExtraSpecs. When this extension is enabled, the extra_specs of
the flavor
will be included as part of the response.

Since this extension will add extra fields (extra_specs of the flavor) to
the response, the clients consuming this API will have to support the same.
Ideally none of the clients should fail, but we found the tempest tests on
gerrit fail because the response has a new key which is not handled by the
existing flavor format method.
We have made the required code fixes to tempest and it is in

With this extension loaded, we will now see an extra field in the response.
Do you have any concerns with the approach we have taken?

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