[User-committee] Reminder: WG Chairs: Cross Working Group session

MCCABE, JAMEY A jm6819 at att.com
Wed Oct 11 14:38:59 UTC 2017

At the UC meeting we discussed having the next session of this on at 0500 UTC
on 10/12.  I haven't seen a more official invite and as this is a little
more than 24 hours from now - perhaps better if we push off to next week.
As a reminder this session is intended to let the working group chairs
And any other interested parties share their initiatives so that any cross
Team efforts could be identified and coordinated.

Why don't we check in here if UTC 0500 on 10/19 will work for you.

This is Jamey McCabe of LCOO and I'll be able to make.

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> Date: Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 10:27 PM

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> Subject: [User-committee] WG Chairs: Cross Working Group session


> Hello Working Group Chairs,


> The User committee met last Monday (August 28 th ) [1], and wanted to

> take another opportunity to get the WG chairs back together for

> another conversation. Because of the US holiday, we chose next week

> as the target. We'll keep the time that worked best for all. Please

> make plans to join a meeting at 05:00 UTC on September 14 th . We'll

> plan on #openstack-meeting like all UC meetings, but we'll double

> check the availability. I'll also get a reminder out once or twice

> more before we meet.

> Thanks!

> VW
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