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Shamail Tahir itzshamail at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 06:51:23 UTC 2015

Hi everyone,

I had taken an action item (a couple of weeks ago) of updating our user
story template to align it with our intended objective of providing a
simple way to capture high-level feature/enhancement requests in the form
of user stories.

Our intention is to share user stories with the project teams and the
project teams (if they choose to move forward with a submitted user story),
as always, will determine the technical implementation that best suits
their service architecture.  The primary data being documented via the
template is who, what, and why (not how).

The current template we were planning to use has the following sections:

   - Glossary
   - Problem Description
   - Affected By
   - Requirements
   - Related Use-Cases
   - Gaps
   - References

This template was developed by the Telco-WG and we chose to adopt it as
well.  The template actually goes above and beyond what we would need to
capture the necessary data for user stories (i.e. it includes sections to
document implementation details).  I would like to propose an alternate
template that removes the extra items and replaces them with some of the
meta-data that we will need for organizing user stories.  The end-goal
being to keep it simple while being able to accommodate the necessary

Proposed template sections:

   - Theme (equivalent to an epic)
   - Parent theme (would we allow multiple?) this user story is associated
   - Interested Working Group(s)
   - Working groups that support this user story as being important to
      their market segment/area of focus (multiple groups can support the same
      user story to eliminate duplicates)
   - User Story (in standard user story format of "as a <role/actor>, I
   want to be able to <objective> so that <reason/benefit>")
   - Standard user story formatted entry
   - Problem Description
   - Optional.  This section an be used to provide additional details about
      the problem or why it needs to be resolved (e.g. enables a new workload
      type to be supported, reduces barrier to entry, etc.)
   - Gaps
   - This section documents which services would be involved in completing
      the user story (e.g. nova, cinder, etc.)
   - Blueprints submitted to complete this user story
   - This section is to be filled out later.  It would act as a centralized
      tracker for all blueprints that were generated to complete this
user story.
   - References
   - This section could include other documents that expand upon the user
      story.  For example, Telco-WG could link their use case entry
that would be
      associated with this user story in this section.

Please provide feedback and let's discuss if we should stick with the
original template we were planning to use, move forward with the sections
proposed in this message instead, or if you have a simpler way that we
could organize the template while collecting the necessary information and

Shamail Tahir
t: @ShamailXD
tz: Eastern Time

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