[Openstack] Working on a Android app for Openstack client

Adrián Campos Garrido adriancampos at teachelp.com
Thu Oct 25 10:59:58 UTC 2018


Since months agos, I am working on a Openstack Client application for Android whose objective is to managa your own openstack cloud or you instances if your are a client from a Openstack Cloud Provider.

Last version was 0.7 and i think that basic bugs for connection and starting manage is fixed.
In fact in last version the changelog is:

Fix problem with AUTH on new releases.
Fix instances hostname for users without permissions.
Fix all problems when there isn't any data.
Re-desing interface to use all screen.
Change some logo to use Openstack logo instead of stars logo.

It's a fork from an old project which it's called stackerz, I made some arrangements on login to adapt it for new Keystone V3 and some improvements on calls to certain Openstack API calls.

I would like to to ask to list if you see an useful project to continue or maybe not.


Adrian Campos


Openstack Client - Apps on Google Play<https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alefnode.openstack&hl=en_US>
Openstack client for Android. Tested on Openstack Queens (2018.02) and Openstack Pike (2017.08) With this application you can manage all your openstack platform. - Servers - Networks - Subnets - Security Groups - Flavors This is a beta release and only for Keystone V3 authentication.

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