[Openstack] Recover Controller Node

Georgios Dimitrakakis giorgis at acmac.uoc.gr
Tue Oct 23 09:29:53 UTC 2018

 Dear all,

 the HDD on my OpenStack controller has failed and I would like to know 
 what is the best way to recover some basic controller functions assuming 
 that I can get some of the data from it.

 Let me give you some information about the installation's background 
 and what I would like to do (ideally).
 First of all let me say that this is an old OpenStack installation with 
 Icehouse on two bare metal nodes, one controller and one compute. Since 
 it was the controller's HDD that failed all my VMs are still up and 
 running but I have no way to perform tasks on them e.g. snapshot, 
 terminate, launch new etc.

 So I am wondering what would be the best possible scenario and approach 
 in order to recover some functionality on them. What I would like 
 ideally to do is to be able to snapshot a couple of already running VMs 
 and then move the snapshots to a new installation that I am going to 
 deploy. Besides the snapshots I don't need anything else from the 
 existing installation.

 The controller's HDD is not completely dead which means that I can 
 browse it and I can try to copy some files (e.g. older useful snapshots) 
 but clonning it to a new one wasn't successful (clonning worked but 
 couldn't boot). I can sure try to resurrect the DB from it and besides 
 that I would also need obviously all the "conf" files.

 Assuming that I can get these from the failed HDD what would be my next 
 steps? Try on a different HDD to set the old environment from scratch 
 using the "saved" configurations? Would it be better if I moved all 
 required services, DB etc. to the compute node in order to perform the 
 maintenance on a single node? How can I do that? Should it be better if 
 I just go directly to a much newer version and how can I get the running 
 VMs from that? Any ideas what else I might need besides the DB and the 
 "conf" files?

 Looking forward for your answers!

 Best regards,


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