[Openstack] Is it possible to use OVS inside an Openstack VM ?

Brian Haley haleyb.dev at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 18:21:01 UTC 2018

On 06/18/2018 06:26 AM, David Fernandes wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I have just 1 question. Is it possible to use OVS inside an Openstack VM 
> ? Let me explain my issue.
> I have created 2 Ubuntu 16.04 VMs and installed last version of OVS in 
> both. Both VMs are connected to the same network and they can ping each 
> other.
> Then, I have created an OVS bridge (namely "br-test") in the first VM 
> and I have added the port of the VM (ens1) to the ovs bridge as usual. 
> At this point I cant't ping from one VM to the other.
> If I perform tcpdump on the bridge (tcpdump br-test), I see that ARP 
> requests are sent but they are not sent by the interface of the VM (ens1).
> I tried to add the MAC addreses manually to the ARP table of each VM. 
> When I ping, I see the same case :  icmp packets outgoing the bridge 
> br-test but never sent by the interface ens1 of the VM.

I can only guess things are being blocked by the MAC anti-spoofing rules 
neutron adds - perhaps the source MAC of the bridge is being used which 
is different from the NIC?


> I have tried the same scenario using a linux bridge instead of OVS 
> swithch and it works.
> Do you have any idea of why there are issues binding VM interface to OVS 
> bridges ? Any information will be really apreciated !! Thanks in advance 
> !!!
> David
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