[Openstack] [queens][ceilometer][gnocchi] no network resource, after installation openstack queens

KiYoun Sung kysung at devstack.co.kr
Tue Jun 5 06:42:50 UTC 2018


I installed Openstack Queens version using Openstack-ansible.
and I set gnocchi, ceilometer for metering.

After installation,
I got metric from instance, image, swift, etc.
but, there is no metric by network

I did by gnocchi cli, like this
   $ gnocchi resource-type list
the network resource-type is exist.
   "$ gnocchi resource list" is empty.
I made a external network and created floating ip.
but, there is no network resource.

neutron.conf has [oslo_messaging_notifications] field below:
notification_topics = notifications
driver = messagingv2
transport_url = rabbit://neutron:xxxx@

How can I get network resoruce(especially floating ip)?
What is a problem?

Thank you.
Best regards.
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