[Openstack] Compute Node not mounting disk to VM's

Yedhu Sastry yedhusastri at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 14:31:19 UTC 2018


I have an OpenStack cluster(Newton) which is basically a test cluster.
After the regular OS security update and upgrade in all my compute nodes I
have problem with New VMs. While launching new VM's Iam getting the
Error  "ALERT!
LABEL=cloudimg-rootfs does not exist  Dropping to a shell!" in the console
log of VM's. In horizon it is showing as active. Iam booting from image not
from volume. Before the update everything was fine.

Then I checked all the logs related to OpenStack and I cant find any info
related to this. I spent days and I found that after the update libvirt is
now using scsi instead of virtio. I dont know why. All the VM's which I
created before the update are running fine and  is using 'virtio'. Then I
tried to manually change the instancexx.xml file of the libvirt to use "
<target dev='vda' bus='virtio'/> " and started the VM again using 'virsh
start instancexx'. VM got started and then went to shutdown state. But in
the console log I can see VM is getting IP and properly booting without any
error and then it goes to poweroff state.

1) Whether this issue is related to the update of libvirt?? If so why
libvirt is not using virtio_blk anymore?? Why it is using only
virtio_scsi?? Is it possible to change libvirt to use virtio_blk instead of

2) I found nova package version on compute nodes are 14.0.10 and on
controller node it is 14.0.1. Whether this is the cause of the problem??
Whether an update in controller node solve this issue?? Iam not sure about

3) Why Task status of  instancexx is showing as Powering Off in horizon
after 'virsh start instancexx' in the compute node?? Why it is not starting
the VM with the manually customized .xml file of libvirt??

Any help is really appreciated.


Thank you for your time and have a nice day,

With kind regards,
Yedhu Sastri
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