[Openstack] [nova]Capacity discrepancy between command line and MySQL query

Risto Vaaraniemi ristovvtt at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 13:40:06 UTC 2018


I tried to migrate a guest to another host but it failed with a
message saying there's not enough capacity on the target host even
though the server should me nearly empty. The guest I'm trying to
move needs 4 cores, 4 GB of memory and 50 GB of disk. Each compute
node should have 20 cores, 128 GB RAM & 260 GB HD space.

When I check it with "openstack host show compute1" I see that there's
plenty of free resources. However, when I check it directly in MariaDB
nova_api or using Placement API calls I see different results i.e. not
enough cores & disk.

Is there a safe way to make the different registries / databases to
match? Can I just overwrite it using the Placement API?

I'm using Pike.


I did make a few attempts to resize the guest that now runs on
compute1 but for some reason they failed and by default the resize
tries to restart the resized guest on a different host (compute1).
In the end I was able to do the resize on the same host (compute2).
I was wondering if the resize attempts messed up the compute1 resource

I wrote a question about this on ask.openstack.org in mid-July but the
message is still in moderation:

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