[Openstack] [Keystone] Cockroachdb for Keystone Multi-master

Adrian Turjak adriant at catalyst.net.nz
Thu May 18 22:13:28 UTC 2017

Hello fellow OpenStackers,

For the last while I've been looking at options for multi-region
multi-master Keystone, as well as multi-master for other services I've
been developing and one thing that always came up was there aren't many
truly good options for a true multi-master backend. Recently I've been
looking at Cockroachdb and while I haven't had the chance to do any
testing I'm curious if anyone else has looked into it. It sounds like
the perfect solution, and if it can be proved to be stable enough it
could solve a lot of problems.

So, specifically in the realm of Keystone, since we are using sqlalchemy
we already have Postgresql support, and since Cockroachdb does talk
Postgres it shouldn't be too hard to back Keystone with it. At that
stage you have a Keystone DB that could be multi-region, multi-master,
consistent, and mostly impervious to disaster. Is that not the holy
grail for a service like Keystone? Combine that with fernet tokens and
suddenly Keystone becomes a service you can't really kill, and can
mostly forget about.

I'm welcome to being called mad, but I am curious if anyone has looked
at this. I'm likely to do some tests at some stage regarding this,
because I'm hoping this is the solution I've been hoping to find for
quite a long time.

Further reading:

- Adrian Turjak

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