[Openstack] upgrade from Mitaka to Newton and the flavor database migration

Jean-Philippe Methot jp.methot at planethoster.info
Thu May 18 18:18:52 UTC 2017


We have upgraded our setup a while ago from Mitaka to Newton. However, 
that upgrade requires a migration of the flavors in the new nova api db. 
When running the tool to migrate, I'm getting the following error:

Error attempting to run <function migrate_flavors at 0x5b88848>

Google told me about an old workaround from the kilo to liberty upgrade 
days, which could have caused this, but it's irrelevant to this setup. 
Hence, I'm not sure where to go from here. What could be causing the 
migrate_flavors script to fail?

Jean-Philippe M├ęthot
Openstack system administrator
PlanetHoster inc.

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