[Openstack] [OpenStack][Mistral]A simple tool to discover and manage custom actions

int32bit krystism at gmail.com
Tue May 2 08:54:55 UTC 2017

Hi, All,

As we know, Mistral allow developer  write a new custom action, but must
reinstall Mistral service if it was installed in our system[1]. I think
it's hardly acceptable for production environment.

So I write a CLI tool used for automatically discovering & registering
custom actions and no need modify any configuration and reinstall any
service. In fact, it's completely independent with Mistral project.

In addition, this project provide a CLI to manage custom actions, we can
list all registered actions, and unregister any action if it doesn't need
any more.

For more detail, please see mistral-actions

It work well on our environment but not sure if there is any potential
risk. Thanks for any suggest and comment.

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