[Openstack] EC2API Very Slow

Jay Pipes jaypipes at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 12:53:54 UTC 2017

On 03/26/2017 04:06 PM, Georgios Dimitrakakis wrote:
> Hello,
> can someone let me know if it's an expected behavior the EC2API to be
> very slow in Ocata?
> I have an old installation of OpenStack (Icehouse) with NOVA-EC2 and
> when requesting an instance's info I am getting them back in 9sec.
> In a newer Ocata installation with EC2API it takes around 53sec.
> On a hardware perspective view the newer version is on a far better (in
> terms of specifications) server.
> Any ideas what might be the problem and how to resolve it? Or any ideas
> how to debug it??

Both 9s and 53s are appalling performance for getting an instance's 
info. Something is definitely amiss.

To determine the cause of the slowdown, first try to eliminate various 
potential components. You say it's the EC2 API that is slow. If you run 
a normal `nova list` (which will go through the OpenStack API, not the 
EC2 API), what is the difference in performance? If you see the same 9s 
vs. 53s performance, it's definitely not the EC2 API that is at fault.


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