[Openstack] Neutron Network DNS Suffix via DHCP

Oisin O'Malley oisin.omalley at iocane.com.au
Mon Mar 27 03:22:11 UTC 2017

Hi All,

What is the correct way to set an instances DNS search suffix via DHCP, currently all instances receive the default openstacklocal  DNS search space.  We are using OpenStack Newton with Neutron Networking.

Setting dhcp_domain in dhcp_agent.ini will set the value globally for all networks, which is of little use as we host many Windows VMs with their own domains and DNS servers. Whatever is set as dhcp_domain is passed to Neutron DHCP Agent dnsmasq subprocess via a --domain=<DOMAIN> parameter.

With the Neutron DNS extension enabled, you can set the a networks dns_domain attribute with "neutron net-update --dns-name", though this attribute appears to be ignored by the DHCP server. Can this be used to specify the DNS search space, if so how can it be configured? I need to be able to configure this on a per network/subnet level.


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