[Openstack] DNS problem when multiple subnets

Georgios Dimitrakakis giorgis at acmac.uoc.gr
Mon Mar 27 11:32:06 UTC 2017


 I have an OpenStack Ocata installation where I have one "selfservice" 
 network and one "provider" network (with 1 external subnet).

 This configuration was set using the default installation guide and is 
 working fine.

 Now I 've bought a second external subnet from my provider and I 've 
 added it as a second subnet to the previously "provider" network.

 I can spawn VMs without a problem and VMs can get an IP from the 
 secondly (newly) configured subnet without a problem.

 I can access the VMs to their IP address and from the VMs I can ping 
 anb ssh to other hosts without a problem.

 My problem is that the VM when on the new subnet cannot resolve names. 
 Although it has the correct DNS server (which is the same as the 
 previous one) and can ping the DNS server cannot resolve any name.

 Any ideas what might be the problem???



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