[Openstack] Help with openstack single node deployment

Emily Burns Emily.Burns at veritas.com
Fri Mar 24 21:07:30 UTC 2017


I’m trying to set up an OpenStack development environment (Mitaka with LBaaS v2 and Keystone v3) to test against. I’m working on Spinnaker<http://www.spinnaker.io/>, an open source continuous delivery tool. We have a suite of continuous integration tests that we want to run against an OpenStack dev environment running on a VM in a public cloud (preferably GCP), and exposed to external internet traffic.

I have tried to follow Packstack instructions<http://linuxpitstop.com/openstack-mitaka-rdo-on-centos-7/>, and before that devstack instructions, but I’ve had no luck getting a stable and working environment.

Has anyone done something like this? Or, does anyone in the community provide a hosted OpenStack that I could test against? Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!

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