[Openstack] Trove is skipped in Newton

Evgeniy Ivanov e601809 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 07:13:24 UTC 2017

Hello everybody,

I found some interesting info about Trove in Newton. I'm able to deploy 
successfully some trove components (api, conductor and taskmanager) on 
my test Newton environment. As for the Trove guestagent - I'm totally 
not able to run it neither on Ubuntu Trusty nor Ubuntu Xenial.

I found there are no Newton packages for Trusty in The Ubuntu Cloud 
Archive. The last supported release is Mitaka (I checked the 
RELEASE_MAP). That looks there is no support for Newton in Trusty, 
therefore I can not use Trove in Newton.

As for the Xenial release, here is a bug where Amrith Kumar (CTO Tesora) 
says there is no support for Newton also - 
https://bugs.launchpad.net/trove/+bug/1652312 (Should be in Ocata only)

For me, it looks like Tesora just skipped Newton, did they?

I'm asking here because there is no way to get any answers from Tesora 
and Co.

Thanks for any help!

Best Regards,
Evgeniy Ivanov

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