[Openstack] [Fuel] Use other NIC

Georgios Dimitrakakis giorgis at acmac.uoc.gr
Sun Jan 29 18:12:47 UTC 2017


 I am a new user of Fuel and would like to deploy it on a physical 
 SuperMicro machine. Unfortunately I wasn't able to install it via the 
 ISO file since I 've tried several times (with both the community and 
 the Mirantis edition) and every time there is a problem with the boot 
 loader which cannot be installed correctly thus resulting in a 
 non-bootable system. That's the reason I moved on, I installed CentOS 
 and tried to follow the instructions from here: 

 Even this attempt was without success since the Fuel bootstrap script 
 is looking for connectivity on eth0 which is not connected.

 The machine is the property of a DataCenter and out of the 4interfaces 
 only the two are cabled and those two are not the first ones but the 
 third and forth. So my CentOS has connectivity on "eno3" and "eno4" 
 devices. So my question is how can I instruct Fuel to look for 
 connectivity on "eno3" rather than on "eth0" or "eno1"?

 I did try to disable the first two interfaces from the BIOS but 
 couldn't find any option. Then I thought that I could perform a trick 
 and rename the devices but that doesn't seem correct...If there isn't 
 any other option I will try it but I am sure that Fuel has a way to 
 instract the bootstarp script to use a specific device but haven't found 
 it yet.

 Your help is much appreciated!

 Thank you,


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