[Openstack] [Kolla-Kuberenetes] kube1 networking issue

Trinath Somanchi trinath.somanchi at nxp.com
Sun Jan 22 10:34:11 UTC 2017

Hi -

While setting up the kolla-kubernetes development environment,
following the guide https://github.com/openstack/kolla-kubernetes/blob/master/doc/source/development-environment.rst#managing-and-interacting-with-the-environment ,
I got the following error, http://paste.openstack.org/show/595964/ .

Please help me resolve the issue.

I'm setting up the environment on Ubuntu 14.04.5.

Access is connected to eth1 interface of the box.

/ Trinath

Trinath Somanchi.
GSD , Digital Networking, NXP India Pvt Limited
1st Floor, Block 3, DLF Cyber City, Gachibowli, Hyderabad- 500032, India.
Email: trinath.somanchi at nxp.com  | Mobile: +91 9866235130 | Off: +91 4033504051
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