[Openstack] Unable Upload Image

Bjorn Mork bjron.mork at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 06:18:55 UTC 2017

Hi Team,

I need support on my installation, unable to upload images in my setup, It
is showing error "*Error: *Unable to retrieve the images." via GUI,
although on cli , if use the command like shown below it works fine and
shows there is already one image. But unable to show via GUI...

[root at Controller ~]# source /etc/openstack-scripts/admin-openrc
[root at Controller ~]#
[root at Controller ~]# glance image-list
| ID                                   | Name   |
| ade9e725-21bc-4032-90f7-68d517f6106a | cirros |
[root at Controller ~]#

You are requested to please help me. Thanks

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