[Openstack] [Swift] : Internal Working of PUT Command

Sameer Kulkarni ksameersrk at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 04:44:45 UTC 2017

Hi All,
I was eager to know the data-flow of an object on Openstack Swift PUT
command. I know a highlevel overview from various posts, which I am not
sure of.

   - Client Initiates PUT command specifying the object path on local
   storage to that on swift cloud.
   - The Object is transferred to proxy-server over HTTP request.
   - If (REPLICAS = 3), then three primary nodes are found out using Ring
   - Then the object is transferred to these three primary nodes parallely
   from proxy server.
   - Then after majority successful ACK (two here), the client is sent back

I will be happy if someone can confirm the above sequence of steps is
My follow questions are

   - What happens when there is NO ACK from the 3rd node?
   - How is rsync used, when there is node failure?

Thank you
Sameer Kulkarni
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