[Openstack] Redhat overcloud deployment failing at post deployment step

Shyam Biradar shyambiradarsggsit at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 06:30:13 UTC 2017


I am installing Redhat openstack platform 10 on virtual environment (KVM)
using pxe_ssh ipmi driver.
Undercloud, compute, controller all three nodes are available on single kvm
box. Using single nic config.

Overcloud deployment failing during post deployement step with following
017-08-22 13:42:55Z
[overcloud.AllNodesDeploySteps.ControllerDeployment_Step4]: CREATE_FAILED
 Resource CREATE failed: Error: resources[0]: Deployment to server failed:
deploy_status_code : Deployment exited with non-zero status code: 6


Corresponding heat resource is

[stack at redhat-undercloud ~]$ openstack stack resource list overcloud | grep
| AllNodesDeploySteps                       |
186d4a53-e171-4184-a8e2-4f5fbc1290ee         | OS::TripleO::PostDeploySteps
                   | CREATE_FAILED   | 2017-08-22T13:13:47Z |
[stack at redhat-undercloud ~]$

I am using following command to deploy overcloud:

openstack overcloud deploy --templates -e
-e ~/templates/network-environment.yaml \
-e ~/templates/storage-environment.yaml \
--control-scale 1 --compute-scale 1 --control-flavor control
--compute-flavor compute \
--ntp-server 0.north-america.pool.ntp.org --neutron-network-type vxlan
--neutron-tunnel-types vxlan \
--validation-errors-fatal --validation-warnings-fatal --timeout 90

No errors I could find in os-collect-config or heat logs except following:

Aug 22 23:52:03 localhost os-collect-config:
/var/lib/os-collect-config/local-data not found. Skipping
Aug 22 23:52:03 localhost os-collect-config: No local metadata found

I have looked into /var/log/heat/*, os-collect-config logs. Any other log
files that I should look into?

Thanks & Regards,
Shyam Biradar,
Email: shyambiradarsggsit at gmail.com,
Contact: +91 8600266938.
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