[Openstack] [Fuel] Questions Around Error Handling In Fuel

Russell Holloway russell.holloway at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 9 00:12:54 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'm working with Fuel 8 and am wondering if anyone can help me understand how errors are handled in Fuel and deployment in general. I have a cluster that I'm having issues deploying a second controller to and upon failure it originally flagged all existing nodes + the new node as 'error' in Fuel.

When this happens, the Fuel UI unlocks configuration of the nodes in 'error' state as if to let me reconfigure / adjust them and reprovision+deploy, and I can hit deploy again on the dashboard. However, what happens if I do hit deploy? Will it wipe my existing nodes and rebuild? That would not be ideal, especially for storage nodes. Or, will it re-run puppet scripts against the nodes without removing anything such as data, just copying over configs and making sure they are in line with what Fuel has / restart services?

I wasn't sure, so I modified the states manually in Fuel database for cluster to operational, existing nodes to ready, and new node to discover (which probably isn't ideal either but hopefully I didn't break anything terribly). The only side affect I've noticed is the new node (node-10) is showing up in haproxy configuration on the existing controller even though it was removed from environment. There are probably other artifacts that may be whack.

In any case, mostly curious how errors are handled and if Fuel has a way to re-deploy configs and existing services as needed to an existing cluster (either in ready state or error state) without causing data loss by wiping storage (ceph OSDs in my case) or other things that would not be great to lose.

-Russ Holloway

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