[Openstack] Mirantis installation using virtual box scripts

Anam Qureshi anam.qureshi at nu.edu.pk
Tue Nov 8 08:50:09 UTC 2016

Greetings All

I am new to openstack, and trying to install it using "Quick guide of
Installing mirantis opentack using virtual box scripts".
My system configuration is
OS: Ubuntu 16.04
System classification: corei5, 8GB RAM, and 500GB Hard Disk
When I run the launch.sh script, it gives warning as no internet
connectivity. But my system has internet connectivity. And terminal stops
working while giving this message
waiting for product VM to install. please do not abort the script

After the given timestamp, virtual box didn't repond.
Please help me to solve this issue.
I have already gone through related questions, but didn't find any suitable


Anam Qureshi
PhD Scholar and Faculty Member
Computer Science. FAST-NU , Karachi
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