[Openstack] Question about Kilo Network Migration from nova-network to Neutron

Tom Fifield tom at openstack.org
Mon May 30 07:25:48 UTC 2016

On 26/05/16 19:49, German Anders wrote:
> Hi all,
> We're in the middle of a transition from Icehouse release with a network
> model using nova-network and a single VLAN to Kilo release. With Kilo we
> would like to
> use Neutron and multiple VXLAN tunnels, so I just wondering if someone
> has pass throw a similar scenario and how do you resolved it?
> Is better to have only one vRouter? or many? is there any known
> limitations? We've almost 1000 physical servers and 5000 instances.
> Another concern is how can we expose the new instances born inside of
> this "tunnel" layer (Kilo release) to our existing non-VxLAN scenario
> (Icehouse), we've many different types of applications like DBs, load
> balancers, webservices, etc.
> We would like to avoid the use of floating ip addresses assigned to
> every instance and also avoid any SPoF and bottlenecks on the network nodes.
> Ideas? possible types of architectures to use here? Also Is neutron
> stable at Kilo release or is better to go with another OpenStack release
> that has Neutron more developed for production?

If you can get to Juno, this script might work for you:


There's also this icehouse fork:


You'll find friends who've done it before in the Large Deployments Team:


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